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A Christmas Miracle

I might not believe in God per say but I believe in “something”. A little something that pushes the chess pieces of life around on the board, causes bizarre but important co-incidences, puts us in the right place at the … Continue reading

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Getting Serious

Okay so it seems I’m avoiding next steps by just writing more stuff. The tragedy would be if my “stuff” was never published – albeit self-published, never read, never reflected upon, never re-read or never thrown in a corner as … Continue reading

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Feedback Smackdown

Today I got a smack in the face. A burning red one whose sting will last for a while I suspect. No it wasn’t a real smack in the face but the pain and subsequent wake up call felt very … Continue reading

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Write from the heart and you cannot fail !

Today I read a beautiful post from a blogger I admire greatly. The gorgeous Jess as Whoa, Mama ! wrote of how she met her husband. She wrote from the heart and the story is wonderfully crafted. She writes of … Continue reading

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An Ending Found in the Middle

You all know how I’ve been struggling (aka avoiding) with the last chapter of The Amazing Adventures of Thunder & Lily. I’ve been making lists of possible endings, listening to well meaning friends who told me the ending was obvious … Continue reading

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Goodbye Dear Friend

Goodbye is hard enough to say far less write, especially when it might be for ever. Today I found myself texting an old friend who will not be with us much longer to say goodbye. Our friend is to not … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Kitchen

The rise of the humble Cook Book in the last 5 years is nothing short of astonishing. Chef’s and Cooks have become the new celebs in our lives and they follow us into our own homes. Paris Hilton never even … Continue reading

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Letter Writing – A Lost Art Form ?

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone ? Sadly, for me, it was a letter of complaint about service I had received. Earlier this week I found myself clearing out a cupboard – yes such tasks … Continue reading

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Sometimes great ideas wither like flowers on the vine as a result of our inability to take that all important first step. Putting pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard for the first time can be daunting. But it … Continue reading

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You’re Not Alone !

Authors often feel alone, writing is a very solitary pursuit. What we don’t realise is there are millions of us “out there”.  Just because they are not sitting at our kitchen table sharing a cup of tea lamenting the decline … Continue reading

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