Sometimes great ideas wither like flowers on the vine as a result of our inability to take that all important first step. Putting pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard for the first time can be daunting. But it is like all decisions in life – the decision must result in an action for our world to change.

I take inspiration from some great people around me to provide me with the impetus to act. They don’t need to be an published author, in fact some of the most inspiring people around us are just like us.

Let me introduce you to my inspiration. Danielle is the owner operator of a fantastic business called Baked by Mum. Danielle makes and sells Cookie Dough and Cookie Dry Mix at markets and also wholesale to retailers. She started her own business because she was frustrated with putting in so much effort for someone else’s benefit. You can find Baked By Mum on facebook as well as at her website

Anyway I will let Danielle tell you in her words about Inspiration to take the first step.

Who inspires you ?

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