Goodbye Dear Friend

Goodbye is hard enough to say far less write, especially when it might be for ever.

Today I found myself texting an old friend who will not be with us much longer to say goodbye. Our friend is to not talking but is taking messages of support. It felt completely inadequate and inappropriate.

Goodbyes are left gently on the cheeks of those leaving us, as we stand beside them. They should not be sent in character limited, harsh black and white that is heralded by an alarming “Beep, Beep” and accompanied by a flashing red light. It seemed cruel and unreflective of how important this person has been in my life.

And of course the word Goodbye can never be texted.

I should have written a letter, but that would have demanded a Goodbye and a recognition of the, what seems, inevitable. I couldn’t do it. Ironic really as this was the man who showed me how have guts and state my opinion fearlessly. Sorry I let you down.

Ridiculous really that the eulogy is always written and given when the person has already gone. We need to create living Eulogies to our friends and loved ones, telling them how important they have been to our lives and why they are so special and always while they are still here to feel our love, respect and fondness.

The important thing is to make change as a result of learning. I pledge to tell those that I admire why I care with an everyday living eulogy. And because I am who I am I will write it down.

I will leave you with the words of Paul Coelho

“Tears are words that need to be written”



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