Write from the heart and you cannot fail !

Today I read a beautiful post from a blogger I admire greatly. The gorgeous Jess as Whoa, Mama ! wrote of how she met her husband. She wrote from the heart and the story is wonderfully crafted. She writes of something important to her and has a message for us all.

She calls upon us to listen to our own instincts. Her message is both important and emotional.

I will let Jess talk to your heart from hers ………

The Bachelor Party of Destiny!

Do you believe in Destiny? I do.
Call it what you will: Fate, Intuition, the Guiding Hand, Guardian Angels.
All I know is that what I call Destiny, worked it’s magic on me 11 years ago today.

At a Bachelor Party. In Greece. And no! I was NOT the entertainment!

Let me set the scene. Me, 24, freshly graduated from University. On my first liberating, thrilling, solo adventure travelling across Europe. I didn’t have an itinerary. I went wherever my hunches were guiding me. Staying in hostels, pensiones and monasteries my heart was brimming with delight every morning I’d awake. I felt grateful and blessed. I felt I was on the right Path.

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1 Response to Write from the heart and you cannot fail !

  1. Great story, wasn’t it? Love at first sight does exist, happened to me too!

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