Getting Serious

Okay so it seems I’m avoiding next steps by just writing more stuff. The tragedy would be if my “stuff” was never published – albeit self-published, never read, never reflected upon, never re-read or never thrown in a corner as irrelevant. I really don’t care so long as someone reads it and has an opinion.

So here is where I make a confession. I actually didn’t know what to do next. A tad embarrassing because in my previous corporate life I was relied upon to know or at least know how to find the answer to everything. I knew a couple of people who would know the answer but was scared to look stupid in front of them. Ever felt that way ?

My realisation that I had to do something came  when I came face to face with my songwriter/singer heroine – Ann Wilson of Heart. As a mid forties gal I suddenly found myself acting like a 13 year old girl at a Justine Beiber concert. I needed a strong cup of tea after the encounter to settle my “Heart”. So what made me react that way – well a good 30 years of thinking she has the best voice I have ever heard and their lyrics the modern day equivalent of poetry. Sounds a bit like an author and a book, the combination proving that one plus one can equal something greater than two.

Imagine if Ann had never stood in front of a crowd and sang for the first time.

So I swallowed that big lump of pride and reached out to someone who knew about my writing and had never laughed but who I was sure would know the answer. Thank you Helen. Her response was factual and helpful – even if I was imagining her giggle as she wrote the response.

It was there and then I was introduced to the Australian Society of Authors. A very friendly non exclusive bunch who promised to provide resources and support in helping me take the next steps in publishing. I filled in the forms and waited for access to the website.

Now I have no excuses. I need an editor and an illustrator and the friendly people at the ASA will hold my hand through the process.

Are you waiting for help…. swallow that lump and phone a friend !

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