An Ending Found in the Middle

You all know how I’ve been struggling (aka avoiding) with the last chapter of The Amazing Adventures of Thunder & Lily. I’ve been making lists of possible endings, listening to well meaning friends who told me the ending was obvious and generally sitting on the fence about bringing this issue to a head. Well it turns out I was looking for the wrong thing.

Sometimes you need to clear your head to let creative “stuff” happen. I’ve been running around deliberately making myself busy – late onset adult ADHD I fear. I’ve been creating my own self inflicted noise. Noise stops the important stuff happening. Whether it is focusing on what’s really important or letting our talent talk to us. I knew something was wrong as all the “well meaning” suggestions from friends made perfect sense. Sense yes, right no. I got used to this and accepted its inevitability.

So imagine my surprise as I sat on the deck at a friends cottage, with the only noise that of a calling Loon, when she came to me.

She is beautiful and she is right. The thought so compelling I think I held my breath, did the world stop for a moment ? A shiver, a silence, a glowing vision and a calmness that comes with inexplicable joy. Then the words cascaded from my head like a beautiful waterfall as I ran around trying to find a pen.

She was Dixie and she is in the middle not at the end. The end had already been written and I couldn’t see it. She is perfect in so many ways.

So why did I send so much time looking for the wrong thing in the wrong place ? Simply noise. You know it and I should have known it.

Clear your head so your own voice can talk to you and the answer will always be there.

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