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Today I was at my kid’s school assembly. Lots of awards, lots of missing teeth smiles, lots of parents with cameras. Today there were at least 10 awards for poetry. I found myself wondering if school was the last time … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block

Yes we all get it. Whether it is writing the last chapter of The Amazing Adventures of Thunder & Lily, now unfinished for over a year, or posting the next blog. Writer’s Block with blogging is way more confronting – … Continue reading

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All great pieces of work start with a moment of inspiration. This can be quite random and with the exception of technical pieces there needs to be a moment for the work to have an anchor. Okay so some people … Continue reading

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When the words come out looking like they felt in your head

It looked like a jumble of words. And it was. It came out in uncontrolled sentences, paragraphs and pages. Written on the scraps of paper to hand when an idea came to mind. It got mixed with the rates bill, … Continue reading

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And so it begins…

Quitting work was the easy part, leaving the building was proving to be more difficult. With all due respect to The Eagles you can check out any time but leaving is not impossible it just requires persistence and a strong … Continue reading

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