All great pieces of work start with a moment of inspiration. This can be quite random and with the exception of technical pieces there needs to be a moment for the work to have an anchor. Okay so some people make a reasonable living writing formula romance but if you have ever read any of these works I doubt that you felt inspired far less remembering the plot a week later. Is that too cruel, well maybe a little as books can also provide us with opportunities to escape. But anchorless boats tend to drift.

So what inspired me to write The Amazing Adventures of Thunder & Lily ? Truth is it was a dark thought that brought light to a kids book. I was watching the dogs play with the kids and wondered whether they would ever remember this (kids, not the dogs !). Am I trying to make time stand still ? I suppose so as I’d quite happily bonsai my kids if I thought they could stay this age forever.

Whatever it was there was a moment and I’ve tried to capture it. What will be your moment ?

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