And so it begins…

Quitting work was the easy part, leaving the building was proving to be more difficult. With all due respect to The Eagles you can check out any time but leaving is not impossible it just requires persistence and a strong stomach.

The view from the 21st floor has proved a handy distraction for a while when mentally I knew the time was right to finally do something on my own. It turns out I am an “acquired taste” and best report to myself for a while.

So, to the book, or books.

This blog will follow my journey of attempting to have my book (books ?) published. It will follow the pain, joy and humour experienced in giving birth to a book.

Along the way I will gain inspiration from those who have gone before me, including those who failed to be published.

So as Glinda the Good Witch said when Dorothy asked where to start on the yellow brick road, “I find it best to start at the beginning”. So to the beginning…

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